Escape the summer heat in this cool, colorful, and interactive exhibition that stimulates numerical thinking, builds math skills, and promotes a positive attitude towards math through play with math concepts in nature. Four themes: Repeating Patterns, Basic Shapes and Structures, Designs in Nature, and Nature's Puzzles make it fun to learn about math in the natural world. Concept-driven content is designed to introduce, explain, or reinforce concepts and skills for visitors from preschool through middle school. Games, puzzles, and live animals make if fun for everyone!

Exhibits from the Natural History Collections of the Stamford Museum & Nature Center will reinforce math skills including counting, ordering, patterning, measurements, and classification. Insects, reptiles, birds, plants, shells, crystals, and fossils will enhance the accessible math learning experience that is Nature's Numbers!

An exhibition developed and produced by the Franklin Institute.


Nature is Brought to You by the Number...
Thursdays, June 25 - August 20, 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Discover the wondrous ways that numbers play a role in nature! Each week we will focus on a different number and will include live animal visits, field experiences, or hikes to help us explore this natural numeral. Six will introduce us to the world of the insect and the bee's honeycomb, 8 to the world of spiders and arachnids, 21 to fabulous flowers and more. Meet at the Museum Building.

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Patterns & Forms: Numbers in Nature!
Sunday, August 2, 11 am - 3 pm

Join us for a special celebration of our summer exhibition, Nature's Numbers, with a look at the patterns and sequences of numbers in nature. Explore the spirals in seeds and shells, discover the family tree of our honeybees with an "open hive", and take a closer look at our favorite fruits and veggies to see their patterns.

Try the SM&NC Sunday Farm Market number scavenger hunt to win prizes and to pick up some great local food. Discover the Fibonacci sequence in nature and learn about the animals that he studied by meeting our rabbits and cows. Plant seeds to take home, create great Fibonacci-inspired art, and learn about this special numbers pattern through some Fibonacci hopscotch.

Members: FREE | Non-Members: FREE with gate admission

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