ONCE ENDANGERED: The Return of Wolves
& Peregrine Falcons
June 23 - September 3, 2018

It is a rare and wonderful event when an endangered species is brought back from the edge of extinction.

How do some species respond to shrinking habitats and dwindling biological diversity in ways that ensure species survival? How have humans influenced the threats to endangered species and what measures have been successful in reversing those threats?

These key questions are addressed in this dynamic exhibition that uses mounted specimens, objects, interactives, video and graphics to study the biology, behavior, near demise, and return of the remarkable Peregrine Falcon and the misunderstood Grey & Red Wolves.

The exhibition provides a compelling, continental perspective on two top predators; animals that play a key role in keeping ecosystems healthy. Learn how regional cultural and economic pressures influence the survival and success of these incredible animals.

The story of wolves in North America takes us to many places, from the Arctic to the southwestern United States. And for every region where wolves thrive – or struggle to survive – cultural and economic pressures continue to shape their existence. Organized by region, each wolf is presented in its human and natural-history context.

Visitors will also learn about the long history the peregrine falcon has shared with humans. A diorama introduces viewers to a peregrine on its natural eyrie. In another mini-diorama, a model of crushed and cracked eggs resting on a rock ledge helps visitors understand the terrible toll pesticides had on peregrine populations.

The exhibit shows how a small group of dedicated people devised a plan to captive breed and release these birds. Today, peregrines have recolonized their historic cliff nest sites, and have become dramatic members of our urban communities.

Organized in collaboration with the Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota.

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