Welcome to the Heckscher Farm!

At the Heckscher Farm visitors are invited to explore our educational farm, to discover the sights, sounds, and smells that evoke memories and reveal the nature of farm life and to observe staff conduct the daily chores that maintain this active farm. The Heckscher Farm is a living resource where visitors can experience our rural heritage through recreational and educational activities. Take the time to observe, understand, and enjoy how a farm works.

The Heckscher Farm is a 10 acre oasis of rural life, where visitors can relax and enjoy a slower pace of life. The picturesque backdrop is dotted with barns, a maple sugar house, organic vegetable garden, open pastures, and dozens and dozens of farm animals. During your visit take the opportunity to experience aspects of life on a small New England Farm.

In 1955, the Museum received its first Heckscher Foundation for Children Grant to the build the Farm. The farm opened that year with a dairy barn, creamery, stalls for three cows, a silo, barnyard, and two small paddocks. Since then we have expanded to include, a chicken coop, pig pen, larger pastures, shelters, and multiple barns including the Cheshire Barn built in 1750, an organic vegetable garden, maple sugar house, and many heritage breeds of farm animals.

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