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Spring Home School Day: Water Wonders
Tuesday, April 25, 10:30 am - 3 pm

Join us for our spring home school day and explore the wild world of water. We'll explore our stream and vernal pools for the inhabitants that call them home. Meet some animals that call the water home and explore some properties of water in our H2Olympics. We'll also discover the importance of our watersheds and do a hands-on activity that will help us to learn about the different types of pollutions that can affect our water and how we can help keep our water clean!

For information or to register, please contact Devan Shulby at dshulby@stamfordmuseum.org.

Members: $15/child | Non-Members: $15/child

For more information about our Home School programs, please contact Lisa Monachelli at 203.977.6568 or lmonachelli@stamfordmuseum.org.

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