Junior Curator & Junior WILD! Keeper Programs

Junior Curator Program
Established in 1949, our Junior Curator Program gives children ages 10-13 a unique opportunity to experience life on a real farm. The Junior Curator Program is the Museum's junior volunteer program and consists of five sessions. For information on Junior Curator classes, contact Victoria Jaffrey at 203.968.8362 or by e-mail.

Junior Curator 101 (ages 10 - 13)
3:30 - 5 pm

This program provides an overview of basic animal care and experiential learning on Heckscher Farm. The program includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the farm and various hands-on experiences, such as cleaning and feeding of animals. Upon completion of the program, each participant will be eligible to become a farm volunteer. Space is limited!

Members: $140 | Non-Members: $160
August 6-10JC4REGISTER

Junior WILD! Keepers
Junior WILD! Keepers was established in 2015, with the opening of our Heckscher WILD! exotic animal exhibit. Similar to the Junior Curator program, WILD! Keepers gives participants ages 10-13 hands-on experience in the care, feeding, and enrichment of our exotic teaching animals, from chinchillas to lizards. Upon completion of this class, participants are eligible to volunteer with the animals in the Heckscher WILD! exhibit. For information on the Junior WILD! Keepers classes, contact Malinda Sears at 203.977.6560 or by e-mail.

Junior WILD! Keeper (ages 10-13)
3:30 - 5 pm

Discover through hands-on learning how SM&NC's Environmental Educators care for our exotic teaching animals. Work with our reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and invertebrates and learn the proper feeding and handling techniques, and caring for these animals. Learn about proper food choices by preparing diets, explore how we habituate animals for classes through handling, and learn the specific needs of certain species. After completing this class, participants will be eligible to volunteer with the animals in the Heckscher WILD!. Limited enrollment.

Members: $140 | Non-Members: $160
July 30-Aug. 3JWK2REGISTER
August 13-17JWK3REGISTER

Junior Environmental Educators (ages 15-17)

The Junior Environmental Educators (JEE) is our camp counselor-in-training program, and is a member-only opportunity for high school volunteers aged 15 and older. Volunteers will assist staff in all aspects of our environmentally themed summer camp. There are 6 one-week sessions in both our half day and full day camps.

JEE staff will assist educators in many aspects on the camp program, including preparation, group management, morning welcome/check-in, afternoon pick-up and activity coordination. JEE staff will receive hands-on training in developing age-appropriate, innovative environmental education curriculum, in Connecticut natural history and in managing a multi-age, co-ed group. Volunteers are required to attend a training session for an overview of responsibilities and camp curriculum. JEE participants must be 15 by the start of camp, be able to commit to a minimum of 5 consecutive camp days and be willing to submit a current medical record for camp files. JEE participants and their parents must sign off on a volunteer code of conduct.

Interviews for JEE will be held throughout the spring. Training dates for chosen applicants will be held towards the end of June. For more information on the program, please contact Lisa Monachelli at 203.977.6568 or by e-mail.

Application fee: $75

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