The Loft Artists Association has become Stamford's premier visual arts organization, dedicated to creating mutually beneficial ties between the creative individual and the community. To celebrate the Loft Artists Association's 40th anniversary, the Stamford Museum & Nature Center is pleased to present "The Loft Artists: Then and Now 40 Years of Art, on view September 21 through October 28. This exhibition includes 80 works of art from selected previous members and all current Loft Artists Association members.

"We are delighted to show 'The Loft Artists: Then and Now 40 Years of Art' to showcase 80 works from past and present members. The exhibition will provide a visual timeline of artists living in Stamford from 1978 to the present, illustrating how the art has evolved into the current Stamford arts scene as well as showcasing the dynamic, reciprocal relationship the LAA has created and fostered with the local community here," says Jillian Casey, Curator of Collections at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. The exhibition includes a diverse collection of visual art from paintings and sculpture, to multimedia work and more. For more information regarding the Loft Artists Association, please visit Click here.

For more information please call 203-322-1646.


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