Frequently Asked Questions

A visit to the Galleries of the Stamford Museum will be educational, informative and entertaining when you follow these Simple Guidelines:

Be Proactive! Discuss your visit and the importance of appropriate museum behavior with your family before you arrive. Think about what will interest your child and plan to engage them with questions about shapes, colors and lines. Art can be fun at any age!

Be Calm! Stay together, walk, speak with "inside" voices and look only with your eyes.

Be Considerate! Be aware of other visitors who are enjoying the exhibits. Be UNPLUGGED! Hand-held electronic devices should not be used in the galleries - including cell phones, cameras and tablets.

Be Mindful! Our goal is for everyone to have a great visitor experience. Appropriate museum behavior insures that restrictions and prohibitions required by artists, lending institutions or the delicacy of the work on view will protect and preserve the pieces for the future.


How can I best prepare my family?
Discuss why you are visiting and what they can expect. Review the "Simple Guidelines" for acceptable behavior.

What is appropriate Museum Behavior?
Behavior that shows respect for the artworks and for other visitors is most appropriate. Stay together, be calm, speak quietly and enjoy the opportunity to see one of kind objects. Remember, even the smallest fingers can cause damage, resist the temptation to touch.

Does the Museum only have art exhibitions?
NO! Each year the Museum offers a range of exhibitions focused on the natural world, American culture, art and history. Exhibitions are designed to be interactive and frequently include hands-on elements that are specifically aimed at children. Each exhibition offers you an opportunity to have an educational, informative and entertaining experience.

I don't know a lot about art; will my family still benefit from a visit?
Definitely! Art exhibitions are an opportunity to develop useful skills like observing, questioning, and discussing. Focus on the lines, shapes and colors that are easy to identify.

What else is there to do at the Museum?
Visitor services include restrooms, a gift shop and a water fountain. Exhibitions are presented in the Stamford Museum Galleries and there is a Children's Corner for hands-on activities related to the exhibitions. Children require adult supervision at all times.

Can we eat lunch at the Museum?
To best protect the artworks and exhibitions, food and drink are not allowed in the Museum. Snacks and drinks are available at the Overbrook Nature Center. Picnic tables are located on the meadow.

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center has a responsibility to the public, as well as its governing board and donors to protect the artworks and collections in its care. The SM&NC presents exhibitions to the public with reverence, all of the works are held in high regard. We appreciate your respectful contribution to our mission.

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