Nature's Playground

Did you ever wonder what the world is like from an animal's point of view?
Scamper through the giant hollow log into Nature's Playground and find out. This exciting playground in the woods at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center is nestled into a rocky hillside. Kids (parents, too) can climb to a tree house with a lookout, then wind their way down a tubular slide or zoom down the otter slide.

They can jump on a bouncing bug, try to walk across a moving bridge or climb into a hawk's nest to survey their territory. Wiggle like a worm across two huge maple leaves, and crawl through an ant's nest. Dig for fossils in the huge sand pit. They also can become the captain and crew of the boat that's anchored here.

In the center of all these activity areas is a seating area with tables for picnicking or projects; benches also are built into the hillside - great for parents or teachers to rest while the children play. Beautiful landscaping with native plants and easy-to-walk-on paths is all part of the fun.

From the playground, it's a short walk to the Stamford Museum Galleries and - check out the current exhibition!

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