School & Group Programs

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center is an excellent educational resource for schools and groups. Our four foci-- nature, agriculture, astronomy and art-- allow for an extensive variety of educational options. Our varied site creates an unparalled experience for your field trip! Our programs are hands-on, interactive, relevant and fun! All programs are correlated to state standards and curricula can be adapted to fit specific needs.

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center offers four options for schools and groups:
  • An on-site visit to SM&NC with educational program components
  • SM&NC in the Schools programs that travel to school, youth centers and other locations
  • A self-guided visit to SM&NC without educational program components
  • Summer on-site visits to SM&NC with guided farm tours
Click here to download the 2016-17 School Programs & Visits Brochure
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Click here for information for on-site and SM&NC in the Schools programs.
Click here for information on Self-Guided Group Visits and Summer Group tours.
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