Scout Programs

Program Information

  • 1-2 hours in length
  • Programs can be booked after
       school, on selected school
       holidays and Sundays
  • $9/scout (minimum 10 scouts or
       $80 per workshop); no charge for
       accompanying adults
  • Programs at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center aim to bridge the relationship that exists between the natural sciences. Join us to explore topics that fulfill journey, badge, try-it, elective or pin requirements.

    Scout troops may also register for any of our hour-long school programs, which include natural history, social studies, planetarium and farm education topics. Learn more.
    Girl Scout Programs
    The Stamford Museum & Nature Center offers programs for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors that fulfill petal, try-it and badge requirements. We can also work with groups on programs for the new National Leadership Journeys.

    Petals: Using Resources Wisely, Make the World a Better Place

    Journey Awards: Golden Honey Bee Award, Clover Award, Birdbath Award
    Try-its: Animals, Earth & Sky, Eco-Explorer, Outdoor Adventurer, Plants, Science in Action, Space Explorer, Watching Wildlife, Water Explorer

    Journey Awards: The Connect Key, LOVE Water, SAVE Water
    Badges: Earth Connections, Finding Your Way, Plants and Animals, Rocks Rock, Sky Search, Weather Watch, Wildlife

    Journey Awards: Energize Award, Investigate Award

    Boy Scout Programs
    Tiger: Learn about Animals; Feed the Birds; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Wolf: Birds
    Bear: Space, Weather, Farm Animals, American Indian Life
    Webelos: Forester pin, Naturalist pin

    For additional information contact Lisa Monachelli, Director of Education at 203.977.6568 or email

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