Registration for Spring 2021 After School Programs
opens March 22 for SM&NC members and April 5 to all.

Awesome Anatomy II Ages 8-12

Wednesdays, April 21-May 12 (4 weeks)
3:45-4:45 pm- FULL

Do you love learning about the inner workings of living things? Over these new four sessions, students will conduct experiments to understand how our bodies work to digest our food, breathe, and much more. In addition to hands-on activities, we will meet new animals as we explore the differences and similarities between their physical adaptations and the human body, as well as some child-friendly introductions to dissection. We will also discover how cells and their parts allow our body systems to work and even if our genes can determine things like our eye color or our favorite food. Limited to 8 students.

Members: $55/child
Non-Members: $65/child

Wild Woods Adventure Ages 5-9

Wednesdays, May 5-26 (4 weeks)
3:45-5 pm- FULL

Explore the forest like never before as we search for salamanders and snakes, help to build a fort, learn how to make fire, and more! We’ll hike in the forest, learn some basics of wild edibles, dig in the dirt, search the stream for creatures, and discover our engineering skills as we make a small dam for our stream. We’ll test our outdoor adventure skills in a safe, fun atmosphere that will allow kids to challenge themselves while exploring our wild woods! Limited to 8 children for a great small group experience, so register early.

Members: $60/child
Non-Members: $70/child

Kids, Lambs, & Ducklings Ages 5-9

Wednesdays, June 2-16 (3 weeks) - FULL

TWO NEW SESSIONS ADDED!: Registration opens 5/10
Tuesdays, May 25-June 8- FULL
Thursdays, May 27-June 10- FULL
3:45-5 pm

Get a chance for an up-close meeting with the newest farm babies! Help to socialize the goat kids, meet our lambs, and see what feathery fowl babies have hatched on the farm in recent weeks. Limited enrollment for a great small group experience, so register early.

Members: $45/child
Non-Members: $55/child

Junior Curator & WILD! Keeper Programs

Established in 1949, our Junior Curator Program gives children a unique opportunity to experience life on a real farm. The Junior Curator Program is the Museum's junior volunteer program and consists of five sessions. Similar to the Junior Curator program, WILD! Keepers gives participants hands-on experience in the care, feeding, and enrichment of our exotic teaching animals.


39 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford, CT 06903