Explorers Adventures Full Day Camp

Children Entering Grades 3 – 7

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Meets at the Knobloch Family Farmhouse

Campers will explore all aspects of the Stamford Museum & Nature Center in this hands-on, exciting camp. From Heckscher Farm and our nature trails to streams and ponds, campers will be working with animals, planting in our garden, studying vernal pool amphibians, and more. Each session will consist of a mix of field studies, farm experiences, live animal interaction, arts and crafts, and nature exploration specially designed to get older campers excited about the outdoors.

Days will include special guests, behind the-scenes visits on Heckscher Farm, live animal handling, and cooking experiences! Camp staff includes full-time SM&NC Environmental Educators and experienced seasonal educators.

Each session is designed to be unique, providing fresh experiences each week for campers enrolled in multiple sessions. New themes will ensure exciting encounters for first year and seasoned campers alike. Please refer to individual session descriptions to see which weeks pique your camper’s interest. Each week is limited to 14 campers for a small group experience.


Camp Fees

$264/Member Child
Capacity: 14 Campers

$440/Member Child
Capacity: 14 Campers

Summer Camp Sessions

Our waitlist period has now expired. Any spaces that become available will be opened on the Wednesday morning after they are received. Registration for these spaces will be available starting at 9 AM and will be indicated in session registration buttons below 

Session 1: Eco-Engineers-FULL

July 1 – 3  (3 day session)

This session may be short, but we’ll pack in a bunch to kick off the summer! We will explore the science behind creating dams in a stream, forts in the woods, and shelter piles for wildlife.  We’ll help to map and repair our bird box habitats, remove invasive species, test your skills at building structures, and investigate solar energy.  Of course, we’ll have chances to build with our favorite building materials and investigate the animal builders of the world.

Session 2: Aquatic Adventures-FULL

July 8 – 12

Water you waiting for? Come explore the wet and wonderful world of streams, ponds, and vernal pools in the SM&NC trails! We’ll be up to weather and aquatic science as we discover how water shapes our landscape, influences our weather, and serves as home to some of the most fascinating wildlife at the nature center. Whether sampling hidden pools for insect nymphs or helping treefrog tadpoles move to a new home, we will leave no stone unturned as we explore aquatic habitats from the quietest freshwater ponds to the edge of Long Island Sound. This trip has a planned field trip to Cove Island Park for seining.

Session 3: Ancient-ologies-LIMITED

July 15 – 19

Travel through time as we explore the history of Connecticut, from the formation of the bedrock to the glaciers of the Ice Age! Students will explore the geologic processes that shaped our ancient landscape, discover the plants and animals that used to call Connecticut home, and learn how scientists unearth evidence to understand extinct species. Finally, we explore the SM&NC grounds to discover how the first human residents of Connecticut made this land their home thousands of years before the founding of Stamford.

Session 4: Art & the Animals-FULL

July 22 –26

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with various art techniques and styles, including sketching, charcoal, pastel, paint, watercolor, clay, and more. Each day will introduce a new topic and medium and challenge students to create new pieces using our animals as inspiration. Students will also be encouraged to mix various media together to create multimedia pieces. Furthermore, students will learn how to create their own art supplies, including their own paper. At the end of the week, parents and family will be invited to view their campers’ artworks in a mini show!

Session 5: Adaptation Odyssey-FULL

July 29 – August 2

How did the leopard gecko get its spots? What happened to a snake’s legs? Are birds just dinosaurs in disguise? In this camp, we discover how animals are challenged by the environment and each other to survive, adapt, and evolve. Explore the process of natural selection by survival of the fittest, how species compete for resources in a crowded world, and why DNA is at the center of it all. Build your own species and help it adapt to new challenges each day as it battles for survival in a changing world!

Session 6: Lab Masters-FULL

August 5 – 9

If chemicals and investigations are your thing, there’s no better place to be! We’ll learn how scientists plan exciting experiments to discover the deepest secrets of the universe. We’ll defy the laws of physics by making our own non-Newtonian fluid, see chemical reactions in action as we make explosions and elephant’s toothpaste, and put our ingenuity to the test by designing our own experiments. Put on a coat and goggles and join us as we get hands-on with laboratory science!


If you have questions about summer camp content or procedures, please contact our Camp Director at summercamp@stamfordmuseum.org or 203.977.6568.
For questions about the registration process or if you are having difficulties with your account, please call our Visitor Services team at 203.977.6521.

Please ensure that you are registering your child for the correct age/grade camps. Registrations for children outside the camps listed age/grade of will be cancelled and refunded. If you have questions, please contact Summer Camp Director, Lisa Monachelli at lmonachelli@stamfordmuseum.org.

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