Children Entering Grade 1-4

9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Limited Lunch Bunch available from 12:30 - 1:30 pm)
Heckscher Barn

Engage your camper in the hands-on exploration of art and nature. In each session campers will discover the diverse resources of the SM&NC’s unique facility with visits to the planetarium, Heckscher Farm, Museum galleries, or nature trails, guided by one of our experienced environmental educators. To enhance the camper’s experience, they will explore a variety of art-making processes with our art educator at Heckscher Barn classroom.

This year, all grades will be in one classroom allowing for more time for creation, exploration, and fun!  Limited to 15 campers for a great group experience. This camp is taught by a full-time Environmental Educator and experienced seasonal instructors.

STAY FOR LUNCH! For an additional fee, children can bring a lunch and drink and extend their time with us from 12:30 - 1:30 pm.

For more information about our summer camps, call 203.977.6521 or email

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Camp Fees

Members: $210 | Non-members: $250

Lunch Bunch
Members: $50 | Non-members: $60

Camp Sessions

Please ensure that you are registering your child for the correct age/grade camps. Registrations for children outside the listed age/grade of camps will be cancelled and refunded.  If you have questions, please contact Camp Director Lisa Monachelli at

Session 1: July 6-10

Hooray for Habitats!

Every animal needs a habitat to survive! From the trees to the seas, from the soil to the sky, come learn who lives where—and why! We’ll do hands-on investigations of our favorite wild woodland habitats, such as hidden vernal pools and our “rotten log hotel.”  These field studies will allow budding naturalists to dig in the dirt, meander through a meadow, discover the pond and beyond, explore the forest floor—and more!

Session 2: July 13-17

Wild Survivors - the Sequel

So you made it through last year’s basic survival training—but you’re not out of the woods yet! After a recap of animal adaptations and how they enable survival even in harsh conditions, we will learn for ourselves what tools, skills, and behaviors we can use to master the great outdoors. Learn the basics of orienteering, like how to read nature’s signs and navigate using a compass and trail maps. Become a forest forensic detective to learn what wildlife may be in your area. Blaze through our Orange adventure trail, practice team-building challenges like shelter or raft building, and craft your own survival tools!

Session 3: July 20-24

Animals, Authors, & Art

Go behind the scenes of our favorite books as we meet animals straight from the pages and get messy with age-appropriate art experiences inspired by stories. We’ll meet animals that are furry, feathery, and scaly. We will enjoy painting, molding, and creating masterpieces throughout the week as we peek through the pages of our favorite story books.

Session 4: July 27-31

Let the Games Begin!

Join us in celebrating the 2020 Olympic games, SM&NC style—with an action-packed week of fun and games (and animals, of course)! Test your mettle against the superhero-like skills and amazing adaptations of animals in the wild in our Animal Olympics. Can you jump 120 times consecutively like a frog, or slither across our slack-line like a snake? We’ll put our own twist on classics like capture the flag; experience how early Americans entertained themselves before electricity; and keep brains sharp with plenty of puzzles and trivia! Cheer for your favorite SM&NC animal in roach races and make your own toys and Olympic gear too!

Session 5: August 3-7

Blast from the Past

Travel back in time with us as we reboot this “old” favorite! From 65 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth to life on the farm 200 years ago, it’s anything goes this week. Learn how Native Americans and Woodland tribes of CT survived and thrived with a strong connection to the land and it’s natural resources; explore the tools and daily life of early New England farmers; discover our prehistoric past with fossils and a trip to our A Tale of Two Tides exhibition. Hands-on activities may include crafting your own arrowhead necklace, making butter the old fashioned way, and a paleontological “dino dig”!

Session 6: August 10-14

Sense-a-tional Nature!

Unlock all five senses in this exploratory escapade of SMNC’s Heckscher Farm! Challenge your senses with our “nose knows” scavenger hunt, meet the sheep and try your hand at spinning wool in our “wooly workshop,” learn about animal eyes and why we see color, hear the music of the farm and make your own instruments, and tour and taste our organic veggie garden. Each day’s adventures will also include a themed art project!