Children Entering Grade 1 and Grades 2-4

9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Limited Lunch Bunch available from 12:30 - 1:30 pm)
Grade 1 Meets at Overbrook Nature Center & Grades 2-4 Meet at Heckscher Barn

Engage your camper in the hands-on exploration of art and nature. In each session campers will discover the diverse resources of the SM&NC’s unique facility with visits to the planetarium, Heckscher Farm, Museum galleries, or nature trails, guided by one of our experienced environmental educators.

To enhance the camper’s experience, they will explore a variety of art-making processes with our art educator at Heckscher Barn classroom.

STAY FOR LUNCH! For an additional fee, children can bring a lunch and drink and extend their time with us from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

For more information about our summer camps, call 203.977.6521 or email

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Camp Fees

Session 1 (3 days) 
Members: $126 | Non-members: $150

Session 2-6
Members: $210 | Non-members: $250

Lunch Bunch Session 1
Members: $30 | Non-members: $36

Lunch Bunch Sessions 2-6
Members: $50 | Non-members: $60

Camp Sessions

Please ensure that you are registering your child for the correct age/grade camps. Registrations for children outside the listed age/grade of camps will be cancelled and refunded.  If you have questions, please contact Camp Director Lisa Monachelli at

Session 1: July 1-3 (no camp July 4-5)
Code (Grade 1): 1NHa
Code (Grades 2-4): 1NHb

Heckscher Farm Life

Join us as we learn about daily life on Heckscher Farm.  We will meet the farm animals that call SM&NC home, as well as have a special visit with the goats in their pasture.  In addition to a unique tour of the farm by one of our Heckscher farmers, we will also get to use some of the tools that allow farmers to accomplish so much in a single day.  Campers will also explore the art of farm life by creating their own farm animals, farm landscapes using various media, and portraits of their favorite farm animals.

Session 2: July 8-12
Code (Grade 1): 2NHa
Code (Grades 2-4): 2NHb

Water Works!

Welcome to a watery week of fun! Water is a vital source of life for all living things and is also an essential part of art.  In addition to exploring the use and beauty of watercolor and other water media, campers will explore the various watery ecosystems around SM&NC through field studies of a vernal pool, streams, as well as our local watershed.  While discovering the many aquatic animals that live around the Nature Center, campers will also learn about the greater implications of human activities and put their creative minds to the test as we strive to protect our environment. Please make sure your camper has waterproof boots or water shoes!

Session 3: July 15-19
Code (Grade 1): 3NHa
Code (Grades 2-4): 3NHb

Art & Earth

This week is dedicated to showing campers how the possibility of art is all around and can be made from repurposed materials.  We will take our inspiration from the animal recyclers found both in Heckscher WILD! and in our Connecticut forests.  Campers will also visit the art exhibition in Bendel Mansion, create their own eco-art using materials from our own Makerspace, and explore land art using natural supplies gathered from our walks in the woods.

Session 4: July 22-26
Code (Grade 1): 4NHa
Code (Grades 2-4): 4NHb

Wild Survivors!

Things have gone completely wild at the nature center this summer!  After meeting some of our amazing animals in Heckscher WILD! and learning about their unique adaptations of survival, students will get to learn important survival skills such as shelter building, basic plant identification, and tracking animal signs. We will create our own animal survivors through various media including clay, watercolor, and even create animal masks!

Session 5: July 29-August 2
Code (Grade 1): 5NHa
Code (Grades 2-4): 5NHb

Living in Art

This week invites campers to experience some of the habitats of Connecticut with the eye of a naturalist.  Each camper will create their own naturalist sketchbook and water color drawings to record their observations from explorations of life in the Poorhouse Brook, a sunny meadow, and a venal pool. Campers will also conduct a dig to examine life beneath the surface of the forest floor and also discover how animals and plants have used man-made structures such as a barn or even a garden.

Session 6: August 6-10
Code (Grade 1): 6NHa
Code (Grades 2-4): 6NHb

STEAM Power!

STEAM POWER is a fun-filled week where campers are going to put their creativity to the test by using engineering to defy gravity and other forces in a variety of building challenges, including an egg drop.  We will create the slimiest slime and create our own scientific tools to study the stars and sky.  In addition to meeting some amazing animal engineers, we will also journey to the stars with a visit to the planetarium and be able to create our own star scape, cloud paintings, and sun prints.