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Family PLUS and Director’s Circle Member registration begins Monday, February 11. 
All other member and non-member registration begins  Monday, February 18.

How to Register

Registration can be done:

  • Online
  • In person at the Bendel Mansion Building
  • Via fax at 203.322.0408.
  • Via mail to 39 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford, CT 06903. Attn: Summer Camp. Mail-in registration form
  • Via phone at 203.977.6521. Phone registrations will be taken, as staff is available, starting Tuesday, February 19 for all Membership levels. We recommend that you register online or in-person to ensure your preferred spot. 

General Information:

  • Mailing or faxing registrations does not guarantee a spot in a camp.
  • Registration must be accompanied by payment in full.
  • Children must have reached the required age prior to the first class of the session. Child's date of birth and grade entering in fall of 2019 must be provided during registration.
  • Registering your child for a camp for which they are not age-eligible will result in a cancellation of your registration and refund of fees.
  • The SM&NC does not issue refunds unless a class is cancelled.  Emergency situations will be considered at the SM&NC’s discretion. Please register carefully.

Have questions? Call 203.977.6521.

Summer Camp FAQs

Registration & Enrollment

Can I hold a spot without payment? No. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Payment is not needed to place your child on a waitlist.

I have registered my child for a session and now he/she cannot attend. Can I get a refund? The SM&NC does not typically issue refunds, so we recommend registering carefully. If your child cannot attend the session that he/she is registered for, we can apply payment to another open session for that child or his/her sibling. If your child cannot attend another session and we can fill the spot from our waitlist, we will refund payment minus a $30 cancellation fee.  

My child is sick/injured/we have an emergency situation and cannot attend. Can I get a refund? If your child has an illness or injury or your family has an emergency situation that that prevents him/her from attending most of or an entire camp session, we may be able to offer you a credit towards future programs. Please contact Camp Director, Lisa Monachelli

I registered my child for one session but would like to switch to another. Is that possible? If there is space in another session that your child is eligible for, we can switch payments to that session, however, parents would be responsible for any additional payments for the new session, should the cost differ. We cannot switch campers to sessions that are full. 

My child is on a waitlist. Will you open additional spots? It depends on the camp. For Heckscher Farmers & Chefs camp, 12 is the maximum and additional spots will not be added.  Depending on staffing, we can occasionally open additional spots in other camps. Also, if we have campers that can no longer attend a session, we will fill open spaces from the waitlist in order. If you are one of the first on the waitlist, there is a reasonable chance a space will open. If you are farther down on a waitlist, we suggest choosing another session. Spots from waitlists are never guaranteed.

I want to make sure my child and her friend both get into a session. Can I register someone else’s child? You may only register children for whom you are a parent or guardian. For cases of temporary guardianship, such as Fresh Air Fund campers, please contact Camp Director, Lisa Monachelli.

My child is interested in a camp but is not in the correct grade for that camp. Can exceptions be made? For program success, we do not offer flexibility on grade ranges for camps, except in cases where a camper is the same age as his/her peers in the camp, even if they are not in the same grade.  This may happen if a child started school late, skipped a grade or was held back.  Please contact us to discuss your enrollment.

Camp Information

I have registered my child(ren) for camp. What do they need?  Please refer to the information sheet for your registered camp(s).

My child’s friend is also registered for camp. Can they be in the same group? All camps but Creative Kids, only have one group of campers per age range.

For Art & Nature Camp, all rising 1st graders are together and all rising 2nd-4th graders are together. 

Heckscher Farmers, Heckscher Chefs, and Explorers campers are each in one group. 

If you have a child in the Creative Kids Camp you may list the name of one friend on his/her camp forms. Parents of both children must make the request. We cannot guarantee requests but will do our best to accommodate them. 

Who are your camp staff?  All of our camps are headed by full-time SM&NC education staff.  We do hire some seasonal support staff for camps and employ interns and volunteers.  Paid staff are minimum of college-age and volunteers are minimum age of 15.

What are the camp staff–to-camper ratios? 

Creative Kids Camp: 1:5
Heckscher Farmers & Chefs: 1:6
Art & Nature: 1:7 
Explorers Full Day: 1:8 

Medical & Camp Forms

Where do I find forms and how can I submit them?  Our forms are located under Summer Camp Forms.  You may also use medical forms from school or another camp, as long as they are signed by a doctor and within a three year period. Forms can be submitted via e-mail; can be dropped off in our main Museum Building (please ensure that you receive a receipt from staff) or can be mailed in (certified mail is recommended to ensure a receipt). We do not accept forms via fax. 

I have another medical form from my child’s school/other camp. Can I use this instead of yours? Yes, we will accept any medical form as long as it is complete, signed by your child’s doctor, and dated within three years of the last day of your child’s camp.

My child attends the Art, Nature, & Me preschool.  Can I use his/her medical forms for camp? Yes! As long as the form is valid within three years of your child’s last day of camp, we will be happy to pull medical forms to use for camp. You will still have to submit all other camp forms.

My child has a physical scheduled during the summer so I cannot submit his/her medical form yet. What do I do? All forms need to be on file before your child starts camp. If your child has a physical scheduled after a camp session begins, we ask that you submit your last physical form. This must be valid within three years of your child’s last day of camp. Campers cannot attend camp unless all forms are on file one (1) week before their first day of camp. 

We cannot submit a physical form due to religious exemption or contraindication. If you cannot submit a medical form due to religious exemption or contraindication, we must have notification of such submitted to camp. Please click here for information on State of CT regulations for exemptions to camp physicals and for needed notification forms.

My child has to come to camp with medication. Is that OK? While we do not have a camp nurse on staff, we do have dedicated first aid staffers who are also trained to administer some medications. Staff are trained yearly in epipen administration and administration of general oral medications such as Benadryl and inhalers.  These medications must be accompanied by the proper forms (which can be found here), must be unopened (in cases of Benadryl and such), not expired, and must have prescription and child’s name on the medication (as applicable). If your camper has medications that do not fall into these categories or if you have further questions, please contact Camp Director, Lisa Monachelli to set up a time to discuss your camper’s needs.

For 2019, the State of Connecticut also requires that we have a signed Individual Care Plan for any campers with medication or medical needs.  This plan must be signed by our Camp Director, a child’s camp staff, and parents prior to a child beginning camp.  To comply with this, all campers must have all forms on file one (1) week before their first day of camp, whether or not they will need an Individual Care Plan. 

What happens if my camper does not have all of his or her forms in a week before camp starts?

With the new CT camp regulations, we are required to prepare an individual care plan for all campers that have special health needs, medications, or disabilities. This care plan must be signed by camp staff, the camp director, and the camper’s parent.  As a result, we are requiring all campers to have their camp forms submitted one (1) week before the start of their first camp session. Campers that do not have all forms in or completed will not be allowed to start camp and no refunds or credits will be given for lost time. As a reminder, you are able to submit physical forms that are dated within three years, so if your child has a summer physical, you can submit last year’s form from the doctor. 

Am I required to sign the photo release form? No, if you would prefer that your child(ren) not be photographed, you may omit signing/submission of the photo release form.