October 1, 2020 – January 10, 2021

Biophilia is a condition that, to one degree or another, affects all of humanity. It is an instinctive sense of kinship with the rest of the living, breathing world. Literally translated, it is “love of life.” Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm defined it as “the passionate love of life and all that is alive.” Artist, naturalist, and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Marley is known for his unique ability to reveal the obscure beauty in nature and in this extraordinary exhibition creates a visual experience of the love we all have for life.

BIOPHILIA: A Dialogue with Art, Nature and Science is an extensive art and multimedia sensory experience that unravels man’s intimate relationship with the natural world. Artist, naturalist and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Marley reveals the sometimes obscure beauty in nature through his three-dimensional work with animal, mineral and plant specimens. “Biophilia” meaning “love of life” is simultaneously explained and experienced in Marley’s immersive exhibit where the ancient connection between art, nature and science is explored. Tapping the natural world as his medium, Marley’s revolutionary work features rare elements of nature in the precise, geometric compositions that have become his signature. All of the organisms used in Marley’s work are either reclaimed (in the case of vertebrates and blooms) or sustainably culled (in the case of insects and oceanic invertebrates). “My objective is to increase a love and appreciation for the aesthetics of organisms,” Marley explains. The artwork of Christopher Marley does not merely captivate an audience. It also communicates an immediately discernible scientific story to the viewer, engaging them in an important dialogue they might otherwise miss.

Guests will appreciate the stunningly vivid displays for their artistry on the part of Marley, as well as the hidden artistry that nature has perfected. The specimens selected for his works are unique in their color, size or morphology, highlighting the vastness of biodiversity while symbolizing the vitality of human diversity. This revelation of beauty inspires an appreciation for both nature and humanity that extends far beyond the confines of the exhibit space. Marley’s work seeks to instill in its viewers a desire to become more active in the conservation and stewardship of nature while inspiring us to safeguard and honor human diversity.

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