November 15, 2019 – January 5, 2020

Marc Chagall’s powerful works are characterized by their poetic, mystical qualities, their expressionist perspective, and their use of bold, vivid color.

Chagall’s style has been associated with the art movements of surrealism, fauvism, and cubism but instead of fitting neatly into one category, Chagall created a style uniquely his own. Chagall for Children gives a unique approach to introducing children to art through the life and work of a master artist, helping children and adults alike develop a greater understanding and appreciation of all forms of artistic expression.

The exhibit is designed to engage visitors in the exploration of both art and the artist through 14 interactive, multi-sensory components. Each component features one of Chagall’s works with an accompanying hands‑on activity in a variety of media that encourages the visitor to explore and work with specific art principles such as color, composition, light, and texture.

Organized by the Kohl Children’s Museum, Illinois.

Join us for our Opening Reception & Holiday Market featuring a book signing of To the Editor: a Curated Collection of Letters and Opinion Pieces by Lynn Villency Cohen and more than 20 local artisans.

Chagall Girl