September 25, 2020 – January 10, 2021

Opening reception: Thursday, September 24, 5-7pm
Followed by Farm to Table Supper, 7-10pm

Artist, naturalist, and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Marley is known for his unique ability to reveal the obscure beauty in nature. In his latest exhibit, the very definition of Detente, "the relaxing of tensions between hostile groups" is experienced visually in real-time. Rich with symbolism, Marley's Detente is an immersive experience where seemingly disparate and opposing elements of the natural world call us to reconsider all that divides us. By revealing the essential components of tension and dichotomy in beauty, Marley inspires us to see even our heartfelt differences as indispensable to a society that is rich, dynamic, and even ideal.

Guests will appreciate the stunningly vivid displays for their artistry on the part of Marley, as well as the hidden artistry that nature has perfected. The specimens selected for his works are unique in their color, size or morphology, highlighting the vastness of biodiversity while symbolizing the vitality of human diversity. This revelation of beauty inspires an appreciation for both nature and humanity that extends far beyond the confines of the exhibit space. Marley’s work seeks to instill in its viewers a desire to become more active in the conservation and stewardship of nature while inspiring us to safeguard and honor human diversity.

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