Our NEW series teaches families and kids homesteading and cooking skills
that can easily be done at home!

Throughout the year we’ll have opportunities to work with animals, cook in our kitchens, grow things to take home and more. Limited to 15 participants - small group size ensures that everyone gets hands-on chances to participate. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.

Lemon Chessy

Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezy

Tuesday, June 25, 3-4:30 pm
Heckscher WILD! porch
Recommended for 6 and up

Meet our mama goats and new kids and see how we milk the flock. Then, we’ll head to the Farmhouse to make an easy farmer’s cheese that you can make from home. Limited to 20 participants.

Members: $10 | Non-members: $13


Berry Bonanza

Sunday, August 11, 3:30-5pm

Did you know that technically a grape is a berry but a raspberry is not? Despite its name, raspberries are one of mid-summer’s best treats. We’ll harvest berries from our garden bushes, learn how to identify wild raspberries versus invasive wineberries, and then create our own no-bake raspberry sauce to take home.

Members: $8 | Non-members: $11


Meet the Pigs

Sunday, September 8, 3:30-5pm

Meet our Guinea Hogs and Guinea Pigs up close and personal and learn which ones live on the farm. We’ll make dinner for our three guinea hogs and give them their favorite belly rubs! We’ll exercise our guinea pig bunch and give them some treats, too!

Members: $6 | Non-members: $9