News12 Reports: ‘It takes good to drive away the dark.’
Stamford Kindness Project launched

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by Thomas Krosnowski and Rose Shannon | Nov 3, 2023

Stamford launched its Stamford Kindness Project on Friday – a joint effort with the city’s faith and school communities.

“We’re living in a world where unfortunately there’s too much hate, there’s too much violence. We have an obligation to flood the City of Stamford with kindness,” says Rabbi Daniel Cohen of Congregation Agudath Sholom

The city is aiming for 100,000 acts of kindness before the holidays, which can be achieved through one good deed from each resident.

“In this time with rising hate and divisiveness, we want to make Stamford a city of kindness, love and empathy. We know that it will also boost happiness levels and reduce mental health challenges,” says Mayor Caroline Simmons.

Organizers say that while they should not have to remind people to be kind, it’s an easily overlooked message especially as hate crimes are on the rise.

In the past few weeks, police found swastikas outside a Stamford school and at the Darien train station. Fairfield homes and parks were vandalized with racial slurs, and what police called hateful leaflets were distributed by a Neo-Nazi group in Trumbull.

An interfaith coalition of local leaders reminded folks – it takes good to drive away the dark.

“We never can underestimate in the world that touches us, the power of one light to ignite a much brighter community and a much brighter place. So, the world needs the Stamford Kindness Project now more than ever,” said Cohen.

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